Survival Service #2 – Housing Body

When we “Google it”, how many results come up?
How cities are ending homelessness: 74,400,000 States with the least homeless: 66,200,000  
The root cause of homelessness: 1,590,000 How do teens become homeless: 25,300,000
How to build affordable housing: 147,000,000
How to get low income housing fast: 67,100,000
Affordable housing grants for nonprofits: 11,100,000

There has never been a better time to address our lack of affordable housing. With our search engines, we could spend months, reading about effective solutions in all areas of housing: building, design, zoning, creating intentional communities, going green, building tiny, and developing affordable housing with special services for our most vulnerable families and individuals.

Housing affordability is a challenge that has been with us for a long time, and there are many different strategies out there for addressing it. We point out that it is not in anybody’s interest to have lots of people spending half of their income on housing.

If teen Eric’s mom needs to leave a violent living situation, could she find affordable housing fast for all? Advances in home design and building can inform solutions.

Unstable housing puts a lot of families in an economic pressure cooker that can increase the likelihood of  adverse childhood experiences and relegate them to substandard units in the worst neighborhoods, while making it all the harder to flee an abusive relationship. Lots of ideas exist for fixing this, and we seek to test out innovations to ensure no family is left homeless or in an unsafe housing situation.

Innovations focus on housing design, city planning and zoning, and tech to track the need of housing and its availability.