Thriving Service #1: Parent Body

When we “Google it”, how many results come up?
Parent-friendly urban design: 76,700,000
Supporting parents in rural communities: 205,000,000
Strategies for supporting single parents: 151,000,000
Apps for parenting: 189,000,000 How home visitation helps parents: 39,700,000
How to support parents with special needs children: 888,000,000

The good news is that we have more research on effective parenting than almost any field of study. We know precisely the services parents need to have the best chance of raising healthy children. With collaboration between our city, county and school leadership, every city and town can create a robust system of support for every parent. This gives us the best chance of reducing adverse childhood experiences and ending the cycle of trauma, abuse and neglect.

Parent supports come in many forms, including mom-to-be workshops, new dad events, parent mentoring, training and respite care. One of the best strategies we have for making safe childhoods happen is called home visitation.This entails sending a nurse or other well-trained professional or paraprofessional over to a parent’s home for a visit once a week for the first few years to ask questions, listen, and review parenting best practices. The home visitor is working to make sure that the child is healthy and safe, and that the parent is fully supported and able to access key services.

When teen Eric was born, mother Tess struggled with a child with unique needs and finding services to keep her entire family functioning. Tech can keep her connected so she’s not isolated nor overwhelmed.

Innovations focus on ensuring all parents (and extended family members involved in child rearing) have the support they need to ensure the safety and health of their children (and their own self-care.) Tech allows us to track access to services and enhance parent education.