Thriving Service #4: Youth Body

When we “Google it”, how many results come up?
Benefits of mentoring youth:  21,400,000
How Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring can delay substance misuse: 79,700,000
How to start a mentoring program: 77,900,000
How to recruit youth mentors: 24,500,000
Digital mentors: 52,100,000

We do not need research to tell us that every child benefits from a caring mentor. But if you want it, we can recommend many, many articles to read about the power of mentorship.  With so much written about the benefits of mentorship, why do so many boys and girls who would benefit from a mentor not have access to one? And why is it especially difficult to get men to volunteer their time to mentor a boy?

A caring, compassionate, and communicative mentor and youth can form a trusting and stable non-parent relationship. This a critical component of all kid’s lives, but one that is all-too-often missing. We know it can transform lives for the better, and we have the data to prove it.

Teen Eric’s life can go two ways, toward chaos and despair or stability and success. A caring mentor for kids like Eric can be a lifesaver – literally.

Innovations focus on strengthening mentorship program and mentor recruitment and training and outreach to families. Once you know the shape and size of the local challenges, you can begin to plan the innovation. Tech can promote mentor recruitment campaigns and enhance mentor training.